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Offering reliable outstanding neurodiagnostic services to our clients across the United States.  Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM) has become a gold standard for patient care and the preservation of neural structures during many sensitive surgical procedures.

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Partnering for Better Patient Care

Please reach out to us to learn how SentryNeuro can partner with your organization to provide better patient care and improve patient outcomes.

The SentryNeuro Advantage

With a host of reasons as to why SentryNeuro is your best partner, the top three that our clients endorse are:

Proven Patient Outcomes

IONM and SentryNeuro have a proven track record of identifying or preventing negative events during surgery to promote better patient outcomes.

Cost-Effective Care

SentryNeuro provides a cost-effective safety net for facilities and patients while maximizing care and quality.


SentryNeuro provides prompt, reliable service with a team of dedicated professionals available to meet the demands of clients 24/7.

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Toll Free:  1-877-208-1373

Patient Advocacy:  303-515-7179
Toll Free:  1-800-570-8413

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Scheduling Fax:  720-287-3195

Scheduling Email:  TXscheduling@AssureIOM.com

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