Patient Information

As a patient, to the right are some helpful documents.  For feedback or complaints, you also have the option of reaching out to us using the Contact Us information or reporting directly to The Joint Commission with the links provided in the General User Information below.

The patient consent form provides you with clarity on our services, any associated risks, and our billing general billing practices.  If you need more information, please reach out to us using the Contact Us information.

The complaint statement is a general document that defines how Sentry qualifies a complaint.

The complaint process document servers to provide our patients and customers with transparency on how a complaint is handled and what you can expect after a complaint is filed.

The Ethics Violation and Complaint Form is the formal document on which you can file a complaint.  A completed form can be faxed into us or emailed to for processing.  Do not hesitate to Contact Us if you need any assistance.

General User Information

Documents for users of this website and the general public are available in the section to the right including a brochure containing information about Sentry, our Privacy Practices, and additional resources to provide feedback or submit a complaint.  If you do not find what you need by navigating these sections or on this website, we encourage you to Contact Us.

The company brochure contains general information about Sentry, our services, and our commitment to quality patient care.  This information can be shared with patients and customers alike without alteration.

The Notice of Privacy Practices provides transparency about how Sentry handles protected information to provide your patient care.

Office:  720-287-3093
Toll Free:  1-877-208-1373

Patient Advocacy:  303-515-7179
Toll Free:  1-800-570-8413

Scheduling:  1-877-208-1373 Option 2

Scheduling Fax:  720-287-3195

Scheduling Email:

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